Ron's Corner

My name is Ron Weiss. I am 75 years old and still playing baseball in a senior baseball league; honored to be the oldest active player. My friendship with former Yankee catcher and long time friend John Malangone,has served me well. He has been an inspiration to  me.  I am honored to have helped him as best I could. It is because of John  that I returned to playing baseball in 1992. That year was the “return” of John as well, and for the first time we were teammates!

Baseball has been my lifeline through the many trials of my life. I am lucky that my wife and two daughters allow me to be away every Sunday playing the game I love. My son ARon is my guiding light and is always with me. I play in warm weather, cold weather and even have played on New Year’s Eve. As I always say, “Be good to the game and the game will be god to you.” Learn more about my life by checking out the links and photos below. Feel free to contact me at

Here are links to some articles about John and me.

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Here is a favorite quotation of mine from Hank Aaron:

“Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly…the only thing to do was keep swinging. “